About Monoloco

I’m Dani and I was born in Catamarca, North of Argentina. I studied management whilst also working in bars and restaurants. Once I graduated, I travelled to Europe where I fully dedicated myself to the gastronomy industry and adopted a passion for cocktails and mixology.

After 4 years working between London and Ibiza I got the opportunity to move to Switzerland in 2014 where I worked in a range of bars building up my experience in creating drinks along with providing exceptional client service.

Monoloco was created to share my passion and knowledge acquired in my years of experience and trips around the world in order to maximise your cocktail experiences at the highest standards.

El Loco “22

In Argentina there is a gambling game called “Quiniela” where a series of images, from animals to situations are translated into numbers which the player may have dreamt.

Dreams are dreams, but sometimes dreaming can mean a bet on good fortune.

In the Quiniela dream list the number “22” represents “El Loco” that is why in MonoLoco I use the number to refer to “my dream” of being able to open my own bar and today that is becoming a reality.

I can assure you that all interactions with MonoLoco will be professional yet full of fun & laughter, many colours and unique flavours.